In The Name Of Religion!

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions. I am not stating that something was not right, only that something was not as right as imagined ideal.

Last Saturday, whole of my community gathered to celebrate the anniversary of big day in the history of Sikhism, Vaisakhi Parade or as it is called in Canada, The Sikh Day Parade. I saw, rather felt, a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion in the people for propagating their religion, for their commitment to the tradition of ‘Langar’ but not for the teachings of Sikhism.

Instead of a one religious gathering, it seemed more of the various small different genre possessions.

  • A school team giving performances on the songs related to the religion on their personal stage set ups at one side.
  • The food stalls, 100’s of them, with the family and the friends preparing lavish items for the people who would eat not because they need to but they want to!, with their own music set up.
  • Stage set ups where kids sang ‘Dhaadi Vaara’ (bravery songs) who were only listened and photographed by the parents of the kid in action and no one else was caring about what they are singing, though the decibels of their speakers were way exceeding that of the speakers on the main float where Gurbani (Sikh Hymns) was being recited.

May be I am not that much able to find the ‘why’! but my questions will remain till I find the satisfying answers.

  • What was the need for the motorcycle club to be there in the parade? propaganda of what?
  • Why was The Gurbani being recited on the float, barely audible?
  • Why wont the organisers would shut the music from the nearby stalls and stages with much louder speakers when Guru Sahib’s Swaari was passing by them?
  • Why so much food? Exceeding the need!
  • Why did it feel that turbans are being promoted with the agenda to look ‘Kaint’ (Gorgeous) rather than being promoted for its religious significance? Believe me, More than half of the turbaned boys that day had a spiky haircut beneath 7 yards of cloth!

I got home with no feeling that I went someplace divine, but with these questions and ofc! tiredness.




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