My Sneaky li’l Place!


For me, stairway is my little sneaky place which had witnessed and would be witnessing the important, silly, secret moments of my life.

In childhood it was the place where I would hide after doing something mischievous…the place where we, siblings, would have a li’l secret conference before putting our big wish infront of our parents…the place where I would sit and cry hugging my dog because I haven’t scored enough marks in my Maths test.

I grew up, shifted to dorm (hostel) and my room was on the 2nd floor. And ofc! Stairway remained my that li’l place. The place, where candles were lit on the surprise birthday cake for a friend before smashing through the door of her room at 00:00 sharp..the place where last bits of breakfast were eaten while rushing to the morning class…the place where final makeup touchup was done for one last time when going for girls’ day out…the place where discussions after a nasty exam were done…the place where we would stand leaning on the railing waiting, when mom and dad’s visit was expected…the place where we would sit just to hang out because sitting in the room was just too boring!

“Sister!”, yelled my baby brother. “Coming”, said I while I am concluding my article walking down and taking a pause to finish this piece of writing at one of my favourite li’l places, the stairway!

The stairway will always remain my sneaky place!



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