the Confession!


Disclaimer: The thoughts of mine typed below are my personal views and they are not meant to hurt or against the music fans out there who understand and know the theoretical music!

It’s just half an hour to go for the date to change to 3rd May 2016 and I am writing my post for the day at this time for the given topic i.e. Music. All day along I kept thinking that what would I write in this post? May be the things like– Music is the world. Music is the therapy. Music is something universal. Music is the healer.

I could have written all this but it would not have done justice with what I want to convey. When people hear the word music (try applying it to yourself) they usually picturise (p.s. its my perception) a gramophone with some old piece of music playing in a dark room with ambience or some famous songs to which people relate personally. Because that’s how our minds have been set that music is someone playing some complex instrument and singing in tune and in sync with it, even though 99% of us can’t tell if the proper music notes are being applied to the singing or the instrument being played! And ofcourse! then there are these singing reality shows where the judges would tell some contestant that they did not sing in sync, the music note was not applied properly etc., and we would listen to their judgement and would agree in with it our minds too even though we enjoyed the song as well as the voice!

Why can’t we let the music be a simple thing! the noise that pleases the mind and the ears, like the sound of rain hitting the concrete, the leaves making husshhhh when the wind blows, the noise of the shoes when someone walks on the wood floor, the crunching sound of maple leaves in autumn, the sound of your bracelet when you comb your hair. This is the music that defines all the statements,, Music is the world,Music is therapy,Music is something universal,Music is the healer. That’s my idea of music. I couldn’t understand the “music” made by two or dozens of sound making instruments palying in tune to each other or not in tune to each other unless it pleases my mind. Today I confess, I never really listened to a song for its music, but just the lyrics! because that is the simple part to understand among the two.


One thought on “the Confession!

  1. Music has different meaning to different people which is the best thing about it.
    But the bottom line is that it should be enjoyed rather than pointing out the imperfections in it. Let’s leave that to the experts and get lost to the beauty that is music.
    Music is definitely the healer as pointed out in this post. It can be anything as the author says and I agree.
    This, in my opinion, is a great post. Keep writing 🙂

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