jado ambraa barasya paani!!

click to get the unplugged version!

Today I woke up to the weather, which is totally explained by this song in the link.

Rains and those rainy dark skies toss me into the millions of nostalgic moments of my childhood, my adolescence, moments which I am not able to jot down here in words but my heart beat is pacing up thinking about them while I am trying to write them down.

In Childhood, rains were fun, loud fun, rains mean hot spicy food, getting wet, throwing pebbles in the water collected in my backyard after the rain.

I grew up and the whole idea of enjoying rains changed. Rains became poetic! the dark clouds could relate as the metaphor to bunch of my emotions. The after rain fragrance from sand and trees fill the surroundings with such an ambience that it could never be forgotten!

And this song totally explains significant bundle of emotions !




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